Illustration by billy dee 

Commissioned for Seamster and Purifoy (2020). "What is Environmental Racism For?" Environmental Sociology


EPCRA: A Retrospective on the Environmental Right-to-Know Act
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The Colorblind Organization (with Victor Ray) 
Race, Organizations, and the Organizing Process (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Vol. 60) 2019.
Creative Extraction: Black Towns in White Space (with Louise Seamster)
Environmental Planning D: Society and Space 2020. 

Select Public Writings

Going Home? Scenes From Lowndes County
Scalawag, Issue 3 Fall 2015
In Light of the Death of the Liberal Left
Political Matter, Dec. 2016
The Contingent Victory of the Alabama Black Belt  Harvard Human Rights Journal, Dec. 2017
The South is Everywhere
Scalawag, Issue 15 Winter 2019
Shrieking Sam
Scalawag, Jan. 2019